We bring classes to your school!


This year, we are excited to be bringing classes into schools. These programs can be set up as an afterschool enrichment class or as part of your creative curriculum. Please call or email us for more information and an appointment for a  personalized proposal.


Classes available



Students will work on Improv skills, scripts, acting techniques, team exercises, imaginative story ideas and speaking skills. This class helps students overcome any shyness or fear of speaking in front of others, helps build self-confidence and communication skills and instills out of the box creative thinking. Lots of fun games are always built into our class plans. Performance projects will be presented in each term.


Musical Theater  

Each class will include skill building exercises that work on all three aspects of Musical Theater, Singing, Dancing and Acting. Students do not need any prior training or experience and other aspects of theater are also included in each lesson, such as staging terms, props and set design and script writing. We encourage students to take ownership of each project as we create a musical based on an original story.



This is a class that will teach students how to stretch and improve their flexibility with dancer warm ups, they will learn about the ballet barre and how to use it to build strength and work on their balance, we will teach lots of dance terminology so they will gain an understanding of steps and their names, students will love linking all their steps together to create dances. Partnering, will also be included in the overall experience, as students will learn the importance of teamwork.



Students will learn many traditional tap steps, linking them together to create full dance routines. Rhythm is a huge part of tap dancing and learning to change tempos and synchronizing tap sounds with music will engage their concentration as well as their physical stamina.

 *Tap shoes are required for this class


Combination class

This dance class will be set to lots of popular upbeat music that is age appropriate and inspiring. Students will have a great time learning how to show their personality and style in their dancing as they learn different combinations. The class format is structured so combinations are easy to learn through repetition. In this class they learn a variety of jazz steps and techniques that will be incorporated into many genres of music, such as Broadway, Hip Hop, Lyrical. This is a fun, non-stop,energetic class.


*Prop and costume fees may apply for recitals and shows.


Classes for younger children also available from Pre school through 1st grade.