About Us

Live your dreams, don't dream your life.



Voors Theater Arts prides itself on professionalism and creativity. Students at VTA recieve a balance between arts education, critical thinking and creative opportunities, as well as personal, social and self esteem building skills. We strive to bring our strong training techniques into all of our classes balanced with fun, self expression and personal attention. We are not just an education program, but also a family, a community that cares about each other and promotes self growth on all levels. Students are recognized for thier accomplishments in class and also for thier uniqueness, abilities and imaginations. Magic happens daily in all of our classes through patience, encouragement and an understanding that each student is on thier own path as they explore the incredible benefits of performing arts enrichment. We go above and beyond to make our classes exciting and uniqe and teach with artistic skill and passion. Students are never overlooked but always encouraged and appreciated.



Joanne began teaching for studios around Los Angeles in 1997 and opened her own business in 2007. Over a 14 year period she bacame a successful performing arts program, bringing classes, shows and camps to children through 3 districts in the LA County. Her shows became a staple in community Holiday events and gave people of all ages the opportunity to live out their dreams of being onstage in a musical.


Joanne Voors began her dance career at the age of 3, taking ballet. She continued studying and took her exams while training with the Royal Academy in England. She acheived her Associates as a teacher of dance with the Academy as well as through the National Association of Teachers of Dance and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance. 

She moved to the US as a very young dancer, to begin her long career on the professional stage. She performed in Donn Arden's Hello Hollywood Hello and his sister show in Las Vegas called Jubilee. Her life in Las Vegas continued on the stage at the Lido De Paris, the Luxor Winds of the Gods, as well as working for the acclaimed choreographer Ron Lewis in his shows in Vegas as well as Lake Tahoe. Joanne continued her training in dance as well as voice and acting and shifted her career into Musical Theater, where she performed in many shows including, Anything Goes, 42nd Street, Crazy for you and Will Rogers Follies. She returned to Europe for six months and performed in the Moulin Rouge in Paris and then took to the high seas, working on board Cruise ships as a performer and entertainment staff. It gave her a great perspective of the world as she sailed 7 world cruises. A highlight in Joanne's career that spanned almost two decades, was performing at the Seoul Korea Olympics with a star studded cast, led by Bob Hope.

Joanne met her husband (her dance partner) on the ships in Japan and moved to California to raise their family and has two grown children. She has a great passion for teaching.



Simply put, we love what we do. We believe it is never too early or never to late to stand onstage and live the dream. We have students as young as 18 months and offer something for every age beyond. To share the experience of being onstage and learning about theater arts is our specialty. We create and produce our own original musicals that incorporate family values and memorable stories. Join us for our Annual Holiday Musical and perform with our community.