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Saturday May 25th 2024




Abai is the youngest in his family, with an older sister and brother. He has 2 hamsters, Mr. Brown and Furball, who he loves. He enjoys playing with friends and his x-box in his free time. This is his stage debut, playing one of our fun loving Luminocity kids. He was also cast in our Holiday Musical, The magic Toy Shoppe as one of the newsboys.


Alize is in her second performance tonight with KJMT, after she played a towns kid in our Magic Toy shop in December. She enjoys gymnastics, and has liked singing in our classes. She likes to play with her hot wheels cars and coloring in her free time. She has an identical twin sister, Ella in the show tonight, along with her older sister, Melis. She will be playing one of our town's kids in tonight's performance.


Jane is a very curious person, super smart sometimes messy and artistic. She has been on stage with KJMT before as a Towns' person in our Magic Toy Shoppe. Tonight she will play one of our Plainsville kids. Jane loves to read, sing, and cook with Mom. She plays the piano and enjoys theater classes. We look forward to seeing Jane grow in her theater experience as she stands up at the microphone tonight.


Ella is her real name but she goes by Jing Jing. Her family came from China and she is joining our cast for her second show with KJMT. She was one of our towns folk in our Holiday Musical, The Magic Toy Shoppe and tonight she joins us as one of our Plainsville kids. Jing Jing  enjoys reading, swimming and art in her free time


This is Altynai's first performance with KJMT, and we are excited for her to join our Theater Family. She is appearing on stage today with her younger brother Abai, as one of our Luminocity kids. Altynai, likes to sing and is excited to be on the stage. In her free time she likes to play with friends and do arts and crafts. 


Alysha is joining us on stage for her third show with KJMT. She played a wise flower in the Five Cabellero Caterpillars  a news kid in our Christmas show - The magic Toy shop and is taking on her first leading role tonight in the role of,  Jade, the strong willed daughter of the Mayor of Luminocity. She loves her stuffed animals which she has plenty of, is super smart and very quick witted. She is the youngest in her family. She enjoys math and acting.

AMY  - AGE 8

Amy is quite tall for being a second grader and shows great maturity in our rehearsals. She is performing in her second show tonight with KJMT, but has been in theater for two years and most recently played Rifici in the Lion King. She loves to draw, play with her sisters, watch TV, Write and Read. She is playing one of our Luminocity kids tonight.


Asmi is good with languages, speaking English, Marathi and understanding Hindi and Spanish. She took ballet lessons for five years and joined KJMT last summer in our Night at the Museum show, playing Maid Marion. She performed in December in the Magic Toy shop and will be one of our Plainsville kids tonight. She loves Art and singing.


This is Calvin's first show with KJMT. He will take to the stage in his debut performance as one of our Luminocity kids. Calvin is smart and funny and likes to sing. He is looking forward to being onstage tonight with his theater friends. Calivin enjoys playing on his ipad, reading and chatting with his family in his free time.


Cora has alot of cousins and one baby sister. She has 2 cats and a dog named Fifi, who only has three legs. She loves all of them. This will be Cora's fourth show with KJMT, as she performed in our Spring show - The Five Cabellero Caterpillas as one of our Lady bugs and also in our Summer show, A night at the Museum, where she played the role of Florence Nightingale and was one of our towns people in the Magic Toy Shoppe. Tonight she will be one of the students in the Plainsville school & as one of our TAP GIRLS.


Daniel is an avid gardener, growing baby carrots, and blueberries, which he is very proud of. He is a seasoned theater performer with KJMT since the beginning, appearing in some of our smaller plays and taking on several lead roles over the last  two years including our Holiday musical 2022, The SS Kringle, as the straight and narrow caterpillar in The five Cabellero Catarpillars in Spring 2023 and as the lead newsboy in our holiday production of The Magic Toy Shoppe. He has done many other theater performances, including leading role in the Lion King & Charlie in Willy Wonka. He enjoys reading, building random stuff and basketall. He has become an accomplished public speaker and won competitions. Tonight he plays the role of The Luminocity Mayor.


Damon likes the color pink, horse riding, and loves his dog. He is a middle child and loves singing, drawing, and Taekwondo. He hopes to visit Paris and Japan one day. He has been a member of the Katy Youth Choir and performed on his elementary school stage. This will be his second performance with KJMT as he started with the leading role of Richie in our Magic Toy Shoppe. Tonight He will be playing the role of the Mayor of Plainsville. Damon may be  shy person, but onstage, he shines. He takes on any role, takes direction very well and understands character study.

ELA  - AGE 8

Ella is twin sister to Alize, and younger sister to Melis who both take to the stage with her in their second performance with KJMT tonight. Ella loves Gymnastics, enjoys coloring, any art projects and playing with her friends and sisters. She played one of our Towns' folk in The Magic Toy shop in December and tonight will be performing as one of our Plainsville kids. 


This is Eliana's debut performance with KJMT and she will take to the stage as one of our Luminocity Kids. She has enjoyed our rehearsals as she likes to sing and have fun with her friends. She has a big brother and hopes he enjoys the show tonight. We are looking forward to seeing Eliana grow in her theater experience.


Ellie is joining us onstage with KJMT, as she makes her debut performance as one of our Luminocity kids. Ellie has enjoyed classes and likes to sing. In her free time she enjoys drawing and doing art projects. Ellie has been a great addition to our cast and is organized in her approach to remembering her show track.


Emma is joining our cast tonight as one of our Luminocity kids and this will be her second show with KJMT. She was cast in our summer show, A Night at the Museum and has grown in her theater experience. Emma is always aware of what is happening in the show and where she needs to be. Knowing cues in this show is important as the backstage portion of the show is just as long as the onstage performing. In her free time, Emma enjoys playing with her brother and loves the Harry Potter and Aladdin stories.


Emma started with KJMT in their Dramagination program in 2022. She performed in several small plays with us and was in our first Holiday Musical in Texas - The SS Kringle. She continued to take on the role as Queen Bee in The Five Cabellero Caterpillars and returns to our stage this evening as one of our Infamous Keepers of the Keys. Emma, likes playing with her dog and is thrilled to be onstage with us again. She has the entrepreneurial spirit and sells her earings and trinkets at local markets with her own business Emma's creations.


Ever wants you to know he has a twin brother but takes to the stage on his own as one of our youngest performers. This will be his second show with us, as he played the Gingerbread Boy in The Magic Toy Shoppe. He is beyond his years with great communication skills and loves to perform. Tonight he will be playing one of our Plainsville students as the Teacher's Pet. We are excited to see Ever grow in his theater skills and experience.



This is Jordan's debut performance with KJMT, but he shows a great natural talent for the stage. He brings exuberance and pizaz to every rehearsal and loves to make his fellow cast mates laugh. His big personality is great for Theater and we look forward to seeing him grow and challenge himself as he continues to learn. Tonight he will be playing one of our Plainsville kids, but will also add some sass and fosse dance moves to our show. Look out world, here comes Jordan.


This will be Julia's debut performance with KJMT. She come to our stage, having had experience in Dance and also loves to sing. Julia has proven her attention to detail and reminds me of things I sometimes overlook. She is always eager and tries her best every rehearsal. Julia is younger sister to brother Pedro and enjoys spending time with her family and going on cruises.


Laila takes on a leading role this evening in her debut performance with KJMT as Jay, the inquisitive daughter of the Mayor of Plainsville. Though this is Laila's first time doing Musical Theater, she shows great potential and talent with her acting and singing. She studied voice in Houston and brings her strong sense of character to our stage. 


Layla is new to KJMT and is also making her debut on our stage as one of our Luminocity Kids. She has had fun learning lots of new skills and enjoys singing and dancing. She says she is nervous about performing, but we wish her well as her cast supports her. In her free time Layla is an artist and loves doing arts and crafts.



Makenzie is deaf in her left ear but that doesn't stop her as she loves music, singing and dancing. She performed in dance recitals for years. She is a member of the Nature club AKA - the NC. She also loves Geology. She performed in our Holiday Musical, The Magic Toy shoppe as one of the Town's folk, Head Mouse and a music box dancer. Tonight she is taking on a lead role and brings a mature and exuberant performance to the stage this evening as the Plainsville School Teacher. In her free time she enjoys reading, writing, art electronics.


Mark is our youngest cast member this evening and has done a fantastic job learning the show. Though he is just in Kindergarten, he is making his debut performance as one of our Luminocity kids and we are excited to see him grow on stage. He never missed a rehearsal and says he loves to dance when singing the songs. In his free time he likes to play outside.



Malis is joined onstage tonight by her younger twin sisters. This will be her second show with KJMT after playing one of the Town's Kids in The Magic Toy Shoppe. This evening, Melis will be taking on a speaking role as the rebelious Plainsville student who questions everything. Melis is growing in her Theater skills and is getting ready to take on bigger roles. We are excited to see her growing. She also enjoys, acting, singing, gymnastics and her family.


Miri is the middle child with a big sister and little brother. She has a dog named Angela that she loves to play with. She plays piano and enjoys dancing, piano lessons and playing at the park. She has appeared on stage before with KJMT as one of our Townsfolk, a cleaning mouse and a Music Box Dancer in the Magic Toy Shoppe. Tonight she is playing one of our students in Plainsville as well as performing as one of our Dancing Girls.


Polina is making her debut performance with KJMT, alongside her twin sister. This is her first time taking to the stage and has embraced the experience as she sings, dances and delivers her lines as one of our Luminocity Kids. Polina is a fun person who is always up for the challenge even though she may feel shy. She enjoys playing video games in her free time. 


Rachel is Polina's twin sister and makes her debut tonight with KJMT as one of our Luminocity kids. Like her sister, this has been a new experience and we are excited to see her grow in her performance skills. At home, she likes to play with her pet lizard, look at nature, catch bugs and play outside. She also enjoys reading and drawing.


Sara comes to us with a Dance background and has been exploring her skills in acting and singing. She makes her debut performance with KJMT this evening, playing the role of the secretive Keeper of the Keys for Plainsville. Sara loves to dance and has enjoyed singing and putting our show together. She is confident in her performance and we look forward to seeing Sara shine on stage this evening. 



Sophia is new to KJMT and makes her debut performance this evening as one of our Luminocity Kids. She has done a great job of learning the show and also helps keep track of other people's placement and cues onstage. In her free time she likes to explore the woods and nature and play with her legos.



Sophie loves performing and tries to be in shows even on holiday. She loves Kareoke as she feels like a popstar and loves singing. This will be her second show with KJMT as she appeared in our Holiday Musical as one of the News kids in the Magic Toy Shoppe. This evening Sophie, takes on the role as Scarlett, the kind and protective sister to Jade from Luminocity. She is thoughtful in her process of learning the shows and we are excited to see her progress in her skills  as she loves being onstage and performing. In her free time, she enjoys swimming but mostly performing.


Sophie plays piano, loves Harry Potter books and movies, the color lavendar and also likes frogs. She enjoys, reading, swimming and drawing. She was cast in our summer 2023 show as Betsy Ross in A night at the Museum and in our Holiday Musical, The Magic Toy Shoppe as one of our townsfolk. Tonight she will be performing in the role of Rose, the practical and strong sister to Jade from Luminocity. Sophie has a great memory with scripts, loves to dance and is a great team player.


Yue is making her debut performance this evening with KJMT as one of our Luminocity Kids. She enjoys singing and dancing and is a reliable and caring cast member. She enjoys singing and can be playful in rehearsals. In her free time she likes to watch TV and hopes to get a pet cat soon.


Genevieve is one of our youngest performers tonight but it isn't her first show with KJMT. She appeared in our summer show, A night at the Museum in the role of Queen Elizabeth. She loves to sing, do art and ask lots of good questions. She performed as a Toot Sweet girl in our Magic Toy Shoppe in December, singing a duet and Tonight she plays one of our Luminocity kids. Genevieve is quiet but her singing voice is lovely to hear and she makes us proud.


Hayden is making her debut this evening with KJMT, playing one of our Luminocity Kids. She is always up for a challenge, did great in learning the show and takes a leader role in our staging. She is fun and playfull and creative and loves to create her own shows with her friends. A future playwright ? We certainly hope so. She really enjoys the costumes and the props.


Indie is a great big sister to her little brother. She loves to play outside, read and watch TV. Indie was one of our youngest performers when she started in her theater journey and appears tonight in her 5th Musical with KJMT. She was an elf in the SS Kringle, A ladybug and lightning bug in the Five Cabellero Caterpillars, and played an Indian Princess in A night at the museum this summer. She joined our Holiday Musical Cast as one of our Town's folk, a working Mouse, and a Music Box dancer in The Magic Toy Shoppe and tonight will be one of our Plainsville students as well as one of our TAP GIRLS.

isabelle _edited.jpg


Isabelle is talented in sports and though she is just starting her dance experience, she shows great promise. Her style and poise come natural and learning tap dance has been fun. Tonight she will make her debut with KJMT as one of our Plainsville students and one of our TAP DANCING GIRLS. Isabelle shows great promise in performance skills.


It takes a village to create and produce our shows. We appreciate your commitment to chaperoning, ticket sales, backstage, dressing rooms & clean up. Thanks for being on this Theatrical journey. We appreciate you.






"Overcome the the notion that you must be regular. It robs you of the chance to be extraordinary."

"The power of artistic endeavors can break the shackles that bind by limitations"

"We learn from mistakes, they are the experiences that help us grow and overcome fear of failure."

"You've got to have a dream, if you don't have a dream, how you going to have a dream come true?"

"Life is like Theater. Each new day is a new scene with new acts and roles to portray."

"Love art in yourself, not yourself in Art".

"Find yourself in whatever you do".



Kendrick Sibulo is a talented individual whose creative journey has taken him from the bustling streets of Los Angeles to the vibrant city of Houston, Texas. His passion for Motion Graphics and Visual Effects ignited during his school years, where he honed his skills to perfection. Kendrick’s career has been nothing short of extraordinary, with the opportunity to contribute his artistic talents to renowned companies such as the History Channel, TruTV, and Disney Studios.

As a technical illustrator/ editor, Kendrick incorporates his innovative creativity into every new project. His entrepreneurial spirit and love for the world of film led him to take various side jobs, where he excels in film production, editing, and graphics for a diverse range of clients. Blending technical expertise and a creative soul, Kendrick continually makes a significant impact in the world of visual storytelling, captivating audiences through his work. We are grateful to have MR. Kendrick participate in our MOVIE MAKERS PROGRAM, as our movie post production editor extraordinaire. His dedication to Story telling paid off in our latest movie.


Ms Joanne and Mr John met as professional dancers in their first show together as dancers. John performed as a dancer in Spain, Italy, Japan and around the US. Before they married they partnered in shows as dance partners and in life as they moved to his home town of Los Angeles, CA. John became an TV editor and worked for many of the movie studios in LA including 17 years at Universal Studios, where he not only performed his job but was also a CERT leader for the Universal back lot and studios. He is also creative and was inspired by his own kids, to write children's books. He has many amazing stories to tell. His first two books can be found on Amazon and align with Ms. Joanne's passion for telling stories that teach. He offers free interactive poems on his website each month and works with amazing artists to illustrate his stories. Feel free to check his website and learn more as he continues to add new books.

visit his website at and learn more.



Catrina is Ms. Joanne's daughter and has shared experience on stage also. As a trained classical singer, she followed a path in music and theater throughout her schooling as well as attending the conservatory at Baldwin Wallace University for two years as a vocal performance major. She decided the stage was not her life and is now pursuing a degree in psychology. Catrina also rode on a mounted horse drill team and competed at the Reno Rodeo in Drill riding.  We were known to travel with 20 horses and a team of 16 riders to state and regional horse competitions. A girl of many talents with a big heart, and deep intelligence she hopes to find a path in helping others. She is a coffee connoisseur and a barista and a great cook. She started stage managing for us as a camp counselor at age 14 and continued to help us with our productions. She has graciously served as Stage manager to many of Ms. Joanne's productions and is great with kids. We are so gratefull she is backstage with our cast tonight.

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